Nant y Moch wind farm proposal details


Click here for a map showing the location of Nant y Moch. The map also shows other existing and proposed wind power developments in Mid Wales, but not the nearby windfarm at Mynydd Gorddu (between Aberystwyth and Nant y Moch).

Proposal Map

A simplified version is shown here. A more detailed map is available on the SSE website (based on full-colour OS 1:25,000 Explorer mapping).


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As well as the turbines, it shows proposed access roads and other infrastructure. For those familiar with the existing paths and tracks, it will emphasise the magnitude of what is proposed.


Click here for an assessment


The development site contains a richly diverse population of plants, fungi and lichens, including special species associated with the spoil of disused metal-ore mines. The developers’ Preliminary Environmental Information and consultation have elicited a strong objection to the proposal from the British Lichen Society and the charity Plantlife.


The archaeological importance of Nant y Moch is made clear in a paper (by CMS member Stephen Briggs) “Why Nant y Moch is a Vital Study Area for Early Settlement Studies and Climate Change in the British Uplands” (PDF – 1.5 megabytes) which also emphasises the environmental and archaeological significance of the vast and fragile blanket peat bog which covers much of the area.

Site Access & Construction Traffic

Permission is to be sought to gain access to the site via the A44 and Bwlch Nant-yr-arian. The Preliminary Environmental Information document states that construction will require approximately 100,000 vehicle movements over 30 months including 1116 abnormal vehicle movements; it will cause “considerable congestion”.

What the Society is doing

  • We have engaged a consultant to prepare our submission to the Infrastructure Planning Commission.
  • In June 2009, we staged a Protest Rally at the development site.
  • In February 2010, we staged a well attended Public Meeting in Talybont.
  • We are giving presentations to community councils, WIs, rotary clubs etc to inform them of the proposals.
  • On Sunday 6th March 2011 we staged a protest at Nant y Moch, led by writer Jim Perrin.
  • From 21-26 March 2011, we staged an exhibition, using donated shop space, in central Aberystwyth, to publicise the huge scale and likely impacts of the proposal, and our case against it. It received many visitors, including the MP for Ceredigion and several other politicians. Click here for photos.
  • If it decides to proceed, SSE Renewables will lodge an application with the Planning Inspectorate. We will then circulate a letter asking members and other people who are concerned about the developments to write and express their opposition. Objections must take into account all the proposals in the eventual application, so there is no point in objecting until the details are known.