The following Position Statements have been published by the Society.

Renewable Energy

The Cambrian Mountains Society recognises the need to respond to climate change, and to the increasing scarcity and cost of fossil fuels, by reducing use of carbon-based fuels, and increasing availability and use of renewable energy sources. We believe that the most reliable solutions will be found by exploitation of wave and tidal power.

Within the Cambrian Mountains we note that the area already makes a significant contribution:

  1. Peat: large amounts of carbon dioxide are sequestered in the peatlands;
  2. Hydro: the major reservoirs generate hydro-electricity;
  3. Wind: windpower has been introduced above Cwmrheidol and at Cefn Croes.

Whilst there is scope for increasing the contribution of each of these three components – and also for using forest by-products from the area as biomass – we believe that any expansion of wind or hydro in these uplands must be achieved in sympathy with the environment and landscape, and with the communities which depend on them.

We therefore call for a moratorium on large-scale renewable energy schemes in the Cambrian Mountains, and for the designation of the whole area as an exemplar for the development and implementation of:

  1. a peatland management strategy, designed to maximise carbon uptake and retention;
  2. a micro-generation strategy, embracing wind, hydro and biomass.

These strategies would empower, involve and directly benefit local communities.