Ceredigion councillors get the AONB message

On 30th April, Cambrian Mountains Society trustees met the cabinet of Ceredigion County Council and gave a presentation on the benefits that would flow to the county from the creation of a Cambrian Mountains Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The presentation included:

  • the society’s vision for the Cambrians
  • information about AONBs
  • how the society’s objects, and AONB status, would fit with the Council’s new Single Integrated Plan
  • the financial costs and benefits for local authorities

The formal presentation ended with a new version of  the society’s film Secret Wales, featuring John Morgan reciting Nant y Mynydd by Ceiriog, the 19th-century Welsh poet.

It was followed by a 15-minute question time.

Cabinet members appeared quite receptive, but pointed to severe financial constraints. It is hoped that when they re-read the presentation document, they will note that, in the North Pennines AONB, £86,000 a year of local authority funding brings twenty times that amount into the AONB area.

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  1. hyddgen says:

    There is the idea of getting the Cambrian Mountains signposted (“You are now entering the Cambrian Mountains”) by major roads leading into the area. This could be a first step towards formal designation as an AONB.

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