Registering to object to Mynydd y Gwynt

The period during which individuals and organisations must register if they want to have the chance to make representations (e.g. object) about the Mynydd y Gwynt major wind farm proposal ends on 17th October. You can register by visiting the NIP website, and clicking the Registration Form tab.

The Registration Form asks you to give straightforward information such as your name and contact details, and whether you intend to attend meetings and hearings. But it also requires an outline of the main points you intend to make in your representation. If you would rather not spend a lot of time thinking about this at this stage, then you may like to include some or all of the points below; the wording on the form does not forbid the inclusion of other related points in your eventual representation.

  • Significant adverse impacts on the landscape character and visual amenity of the eastern flanks of Pumlumon and surrounding areas
  • Cumulative effects with previously constructed turbines prior to TAN8 and the Nant y Moch proposed scheme within SSA ‘D’.
  • Fundamental policy objection arising from TAN8 which defines seven Strategic Search Areas with ‘sufficient suitable land to deliver the Assembly Government’s energy policy aspirations’. The nearest – SSA ‘D’ – is at least 10km away, on the west side of Pumlumon, so the proposal’s location cannot be regarded as being within a buffer zone. TAN8 firmly states that windfarms with a total generating capacity over 5MW should be restricted to these SSAs or to ‘urban/industrial brownfield sites’ and that ‘other areas outside the SSAs should remain free of large wind power schemes‘.
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